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The purpose of this section is to ensure a consistent judging process is followed at all Aerial Drone Competition Qualifying Events, the planning and execution of which are led by adult individuals known as Event Partners. This section describes the roles and responsibilities of the Judges, Judge Advisor, and Event Partner in the Judging process.

In Aerial Drone Competition Qualifying Events, teams of students showcase their knowledge of drone piloting, programming, safety and communications skills. Students demonstrate their knowledge by documenting in their Competition Logbook.

Students exhibit their piloting skills and game strategy during match play and skills challenges. All these activities are to be completed by the students with minimal adult assistance. Students must make the decisions, complete the work, and demonstrate their learning and knowledge to Judges for their team to qualify for Judged Awards.

All Judge volunteers should take care to dress appropriately for the role, such as wearing comfortable footwear and professional attire. Judge volunteers should avoid wearing any clothing or items that would give the appearance of a conflict of interest with any team at the event.

Judge Advisor

  • Must have attended or reviewed Judge and Judge Advisor Training Webinar
    • See the list of upcoming webinars at  
      • Change "from dates" on the left to see upcoming sessions
  • Judge Advisor age requirements
    • Must be at least age 20 or older.

Note: Any exceptions to the volunteer age rules would be rare and would require approval from the REC Foundation Manager


  • Judges evaluate teams to determine eligibility for Judged Awards
  • Judges who interact directly with students must work in groups.
  • Judge Volunteer age requirements
    • Must be at least age 18 years or older. Younger volunteers ages 16-17 may be judges if paired with another judge who is 18 or over. Volunteers in this situation should be mindful of Youth Protection: An adult must not be in a situation where they are alone with minors.

Note: Any exceptions to the volunteer age rules would be rare and would require approval from the REC Foundation Manager

Event Partner

  • The Event Partner oversees the planning and operation of the entire event, and provides support for the Judges and Judge Advisor.
  • The Event Partner is an Adult over the age of 18 that is not a student on a team.
  • The Event Partner and Judge Advisor must be two different eligible people – an Event Partner may not serve as a Judge Advisor at their own event, and Event Partners may not recommend or assign Judged Awards to any team.
  • The Event Partner and the Judge Advisor should work together to come up with a schedule for judging teams at the event, and to ensure there are adequate Judges for the event. If judging in person, it is recommended to have 2 Judges for every 8-10 teams at an event to conduct interviews, plus additional judges to evaluate competition logbooks. At smaller events the same judges can likely conduct both interviews and Competition Logbook evaluations. Larger events are advised to have dedicated Competition Logbook judges.
  • It is helpful that some Judges have a background in STEM or drones in order to evaluate the more technical awards. Good sources of volunteers can be local STEM-based companies or sponsors, local colleges, and program alumni.

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